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We develop protein foods which are better than meat. They are succulent, they contain more protein than meat, and are healthy and good for the environment. The protein comes from oat, pea and hemp, and there is even an opportunity to add cultivated meat cells.

Smart Mat means Smart Food in Swedish. This research project is Smat.

Protein from oat, pea and hemp is converted from flour by adding water, and heating the mixture during strong mixing in an extruder.

You can also add fat, salt and vegetables for an even better taste. The resulting product are tender pieces which can be fried or used in casseroles and pasta sauces.

Climate friendly food

We currently eat twice as much meat as we need. Meat production produces large amounts of greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. We use 70% of the arable land for feed instead of for food which is not sustainable considering a growing global population. Over-consumption of meat also has detrimental health effects.

We also study cultivation of meat. Muscle cells from meat are cultivated in a medium where they multiply, but they need a support to grow on. Our protein products are perfectly suited for this and we investigate how to cultivate the cells in the best way. The cultivated meat is still far from a product found on the shelves, but may in the long run give even tastier, healthier and more environmentally friendly products.

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